RapportBoost.AI Completes First Summer Internship Program With Great Success

Internship Celebration

Highly selective technology start-up internship program designed to provide hands-on technology and entrepreneurial experience to top students in Los Angeles expands nationwide

RapportBoost.AI, a Los Angeles-based technology company that provides augmented intelligence solutions to brands that utilize conversational selling and conversational marketing to engage potential customers online, recently completed its first internship program.

The RapportBoost internship program was designed to provide hands-on technology and entrepreneurial experiences in the emerging fields of data science and artificial intelligence to the nation’s top high school and college students pursuing careers in the tech industry. 

“Tech companies require a highly trained, entrepreneurial and adaptable workforce that can integrate with a diverse and fast-moving team and make a valuable and sustained strategic impact,” said Tony Medrano, CEO of RapportBoost.AI. “Our first intern, Avery Keare, was selected not only because she had near-perfect grades and test scores, but also because she was a great communicator and team player who demonstrated her abilities by leading a product launch and supporting the sales, marketing and technology teams during rapid company growth. Avery exceeded all expectations and made it clear to our team that we should continue to support young entrepreneurs in our community by expanding our internship program nationwide and both during summer and the school year.”

“I learned a ton about how artificial intelligence and data science can be applied to help people perform better at their jobs in corporate contact centers,” says Avery Keare a top-performing senior at Harvard-Westlake in Los Angeles. “Plus, working in the fast-paced team environment was a blast.”

RapportBoost.AI contributes to the technology community in Los Angeles by helping develop the next generation of tech leaders who can use data, science and technology to deliver augmented intelligence solutions that improve human contact center agent performance.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Avery this summer. She understands the math and science elements inherent in RapportBoost’s artificial intelligence platform, as well as the human side of how our technology is used by chat agents engaged in conversational selling,” said Dani Apgar, co-founder and executive vice president of RapportBoost.AI. “Avery is a great role model for young women entering the tech industry and for future RapportBoost interns.”

About RapportBoost.AI

RapportBoost.AI is the leading conversational sales analysis platform for brands that use chat, SMS and messenger tools to engage customers. RapportBoost.AI uses artificial intelligence to optimize chat conversations in order to drive dramatic and sustained improvements in conversion rate, order size, customer satisfaction, renewal rate, average handle time, first contact resolution rate, agent retention and happiness and other critical contact center metrics. Learn more about how to supercharge chat conversations for your brand from the team at RapportBoost.

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