RapportBoost to Lead Discussion Group and Exhibit at Customer Contact Week Austin on Oct. 10

Company CEO Tony Medrano to discuss how contact centers can leverage agent feedback, training platforms to drive agent performance, turn contact centers into profit centers

RapportBoost, a Los Angeles-based technology company that provides augmented intelligence solutions to contact centers using live chat for conversational selling, will lead three Interactive Discussion Group discussions focused on live chat agent training and feedback from 11 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. on Oct. 10.

RapportBoost will also exhibit at Booth #25 at Customer Contact Week in Austin Oct. 10-11.

"Conversational platforms such as Webchat and other forms of messaging are increasing in use because customers find this type of interaction with brands comfortable and familiar. The responsibility of the brand is to provide value and offer service excellence. Service excellence supports both positive customer experiences and economic value," adds Mitch Lieberman, Conversational Intelligence Analyst and Program Director at Opus Research. “RapportBoost’s focus on delivering actionable conversational intelligence to agents is unique and much needed in the market.”

CEO Tony Medrano and Executive VP Dani Apgar will be at Customer Contact Week to discuss how contact centers can:

  • Leverage new channels like chat & SMS that reduce cost
  • Drive agent performance, happiness and company culture
  • Enable coaching agents by managers to be more objective, scalable and fun
  • Increase engagement by agents with feedback mechanisms to effectively self-manage and self-train.

“Agent performance is the largest driver of financial performance for contact centers and training agents in new channels like live chat can be challenging,” states Medrano. “We love helping contact center leaders onboard new chat agents and boost their performance with our augmented intelligence platform. We’ve been able to change the outcome of 50 percent of conversations for some brands from ‘no-sale’ to ‘sale.’ This sure gets our contact centers noticed by their CEOs and boards.”

“Live chat communications present a new set of challenges which are fundamentally different from those posed decades ago by static, one-way marketing endeavors like website landing page optimization or outbound email blasts,” adds Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director, Customer Management Practice. “Training and rewarding agent performance can seem daunting, but new easy-to-use tools for contact center managers can help agents self-train by gamifying important aspects of conversations.”

Rather than relying on outdated best practices for customer acquisition channels, stale training curricula for email communication or generalized chat insights pulled from CRM software, RapportBoost’s platform can be customized to deliver precise, unbiased recommendations for brands based on what works for their particular brand vision and customers. RapportBoost uses machine learning to analyze a brand’s chat conversations and then delivers multi-faceted and easy-to-use training on these insights to contact center managers and chat agents.

Started in 1999, Customer Contact Week is the world’s largest customer contact event series. With the balance of conference and expo, CCW is the place where customer care, CX and contact center leaders come together. This event takes place from Oct. 9-12 at The Renaissance Hotel in Austin. More information is available at https://www.customercontactweekfall.com/.

About RapportBoost

RapportBoost.AI is the leading conversational sales analysis platform for brands that use chat, SMS and messenger tools to engage customers. RapportBoost.AI uses artificial intelligence to optimize chat conversations in order to drive dramatic and sustained improvements in conversion rate, order size, customer satisfaction, renewal rate, average handle time, first contact resolution rate, agent retention and happiness and other critical contact center metrics. Learn more about how to supercharge chat conversations for a company's brand from the team at RapportBoost.

Source: RapportBoost