RapportBoost's CEO, Jenny Craig USA's Director of North America's Sales Center, to Co-Present Mitel-Sponsored Webinar on Turning Contact Centers Into Profit Centers Oct. 23

Event, hosted by Customer Service Experience and sponsored by Mitel, designed to demonstrate the vision and leadership of Jenny Craig's corporate contact center and how live chat innovation drives financial and cultural success at one of nation's most respected health, wellness brands

​​​Tony Medrano, CEO of RapportBoost, the leading provider of augmented intelligence solutions to contact centers using live chat for conversational selling, along with Heidi Rote, Director of the North America Sales Center at Jenny Craig USA, will co-present a webinar on Oct. 23 to discuss how established enterprises can turn their contact centers into profit centers by optimizing conversations, training agents and utilizing augmented intelligence.

The event, hosted by Customer Service Experience and sponsored by Mitel, will cover:

- optimizing live chat conversations with augmented intelligence

- hiring and training a dedicated and high performing live chat team

- designing a workflow for chat teams’ conversations with customers as well as their interactions with other team members

- increasing agent retention and shortening agent learning curves

- holding teams accountable, while having fun

“Industry leaders like Heidi Rote and Jenny Craig USA are living proof that perfecting chat conversations and training agents with scientifically-based best practices are the biggest drivers of contact center profitability,” said Medrano. “Short-form web chat conversations are in a fundamentally different language and have a completely different cadence than voice or long-form conversations, such as email. It’s great to see innovative brands leverage science to their -- and their customers’ -- benefit.”

Heidi Rote is a recognized expert in contact center management and inside sales, having been named to the 1st Annual ICMI Movers and Shakers list this year in the “Customer Experience Leaders” category. Rote was cited specifically for implementing RapportBoost’s Conversational Selling Analysis Platform that helped dramatically increase her company’s live chat performance metrics.

“New, intelligent assistance technologies provide chat agents with insights and suggest responses that make conversations with prospects and customers more relevant, personal and empathetic than static marketing initiatives, like email or generic Website landing page,” explains Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research. “They are transforming marketing campaigns into conversations and driving profitability by expanding customer retention and enhancing lifetime value.”

Registration information for the webinar can be found at https://www.customerexperienceupdate.com/frs/8950863/turning-your-contact-center-into-a-profit-center-by-leveraging-chat.

About RapportBoost

RapportBoost.AI is the leading conversational sales analysis platform for brands that use chat, SMS and messenger tools to engage customers. RapportBoost.AI uses artificial intelligence to optimize chat conversations in order to drive dramatic and sustained improvements in conversion rate, order size, customer satisfaction, renewal rate, average handle time, first contact resolution rate, agent retention and happiness and other critical contact center metrics. Learn more about how to supercharge chat conversations for your brand from the team at RapportBoost.

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